2012 Juried Show Award Winners

PWS Awards - First Place - "Flashback" by Abby H. Rudisill

PWS Awards - Second Place - "Surfer Speak" by Frank Eber

PWS Awards - Third Place - "Prospect Morning" by William T. Perry

PWS Awards - Fourth Place - "Shanghai Harbor" by Patricia H. Herlihy

PWS Awards - Keystone Award (PA Residents Only) - "Duplicated" by Denny Bond

PWS President's Award - "Good Afternoon" by Swaraj Das

PWS Award Of Merit - "Peace and Dumplings" by Susan Avis Murphy

Juror's Award - "Vintage Django" by William McAllister

Baltimore Watercolor Society Reciprocal Award - "Young Patriot" by Dennis L. Albetski

Philadelphia Watercolor Society Award for Excellence - "Allure" by Robert A. Jenkins

Creative Expression Award - "Tom's Welding Shop" by Charlene E. Gerrish

Excellence in Figure Award - "Aglio Da Vendere" by John C. Bierley

West Charlton Frame Co. Award - "From Giotto's Bell Tower" by Catherine H. Hillis

Mildred Sands Kratz Award - "Antonio" by Terry Freemark

Honorable Mention - "Delicate Balance" by Yachiyo N. Beck

Honorable Mention - "Practice Makes Perfect" by Anna H. Bellenger

Honorable Mention - "Boatyard Blues" by Michael A. Bignell

Honorable Mention - "Self Portrait Perception" by Christine M. Bunn

Honorable Mention - "Conference Call" by Kathleen C. Conover

Honorable Mention - "Petxotica" by "Jan Filarski

Honorable Mention - "Three Degrees" by Bryce Herrington

Honorable Mention - "One Rusty Bucket" by Larry R. Mallory

Honorable Mention - "Java Pilates" by George M. Schoonover

Honorable Mention - "5th Ave & 53rd" by Paul T. Sullivan

Utrecht Merchandise Award - "Line of Flight" by Sarah Yeoman

M. Graham Merchandise Award - "Whose Kids Are They" by Yun Charm Leung

Holbein Merchandise Award - "Fertile Land" by Sy Ellens

Artpix Merchandise Award - "Nap" by Sam E. Bailie

Creative Catalyst Jack Richeson Merchandise Award - "October Snow" by Patricia A. Neely

Jack Richeson Merchandise Award - "Monolith" by Carol Hubbard

Jack Richeson Merchandise Award - "Among the Pieces" by Richard P. Ressel

Jerry's Artarama Merchandise Award - "Cymbalism II" by Sandra G. McKeehan

Jerry's Artarama Merchandise Award - "Working America" by John W. Walker

Jerry's Artarama Merchandise Award - "Fly Away Sunshine" by Deb K. Watson

Dick Blick Merchandise Award - "Old Windmill" by Brenda W. Cretney

Dick Blick Merchandise Award - "Where Are The Girls" by Janice M. Henning

Dick Blick Merchandise Award - "FOUR-est" by Marni M. Lawson

Cheap Joe's Merchandise Award - "To Have And To Hold" by Barbara Durbin

Nicholas Simmons Merchandise Award - "Allie Kat" by Beth A. Palser

Nicholas Simmons Merchandise Award - "The Conch Divers" by Peter Stimeling

Savoir Faire Merchandise Award - "Good Morning Sunshine" by Karen E. Benco

Daniel Smith Merchandise Award - "The Homestead, VA" by Katherine G. Hoeppel

Daniel Smith Merchandise Award - "Meeting At The Dock" by Lois S. Toole


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