2013 Juried Show Accepted Artists
** Congratulations!! **
Additional information will be mailed to all 
accepted artists on July 15, 2013
Christine   Alfery Pied Piper
Denise   Athanas Blue Mystery
Musa   Balan Istiklal Avenue
Paul K. Basten Into the Mists-Niagara Falls
Yachiyo   Beck Margin of Victory II
Janet   Belich Cornundrum
Judi   Betts Summer Breeze
Annelein   Beukenkamp The Storyteller
Michael A. Bignell Flight Path
Glenn   Blue Winter's Glow, Tucquan Glen
Denny   Bond Ninety Two
Cindy   Brabec-King Bumbly Hives
Carol Z Brody Papers and Images II
Kelsey   Broersma Cellular Structures
Brienne  M. Brown On the Foothills
Douglas    Brown Down in Cocomo
Tracy   Budd Sandi's Tribute
Christine Misencik Bunn Cap
Diana   Burchfield Solarscape
Houxing   Chang Fishing Boat
George   Clark Financial District
Jacqueline   Clark The Music Room II
Ronnie   Cramer Riding Boots
Elaine   Daily-Birnbaum Other Wonders
Lawrence   Danecke Anna
David Douglass DeArmond North of Whaw
Marilynn   Derwenskus Under Chicago Bridges
Vera    Dickerson Skinny Dipping at Midnight
Jeanne   Dobie Sun Prisms and Showers
Howard J. Eberle Corrosion
L. S. Eldridge Nepheline Wave
Toni   Elkins Inner Self #2
Sy   Ellens Running Through
Michele   Epstein You Will Always Remember
Michael   Farrar Red Suite N. 3
Nancy   Fortunato Night Jewels
Devorah   Friedman Hot Stuff
Nancy Lee Galloway Vogue-ing at the Copa
Elizabeth   Gibson Summer Flame
Kathleen    Giles By The Fountain
Arlene B. Ginsburg The Plea
Laurie   Goldstein-Warren Standing Room Only
Sandi   Hanlon-Breuer Looking Outside the Bowl
John   Hassler Nightlight
Keith   Hatcher Butterflies and Tulips
Patricia Le Helmick Cold Creek Waters
Xiaoxing   Hu A Sani Woman with Hope
Carol   Hubbard Axiel View
Charlotte   Huntley Two if by Sea
George   James Afternoon Tea
Robert  A. Jenkins The Downfall
Ardythe   Jolliff Ornamental Blues
Ona   Kingdon Coded Thoughts
Daniel   Kirchhefer Rocky Lichens
Debra   Kreiger Curious
Susan   Kwolek Of Mice and Pain
Melanie   Lacki Honeydew and Blue
Sally H. Lambrecht Cyber Community-Black, White, or Gray
Bee Tat Lim Fishing Village No.45
Kerk Hwang Lok Closed No. 5
Larry   Lombardo King of my universe
Jan   Lutz Beyond the Word
Xiaoting    Mai Memory
Ananta   Mandal Classic Old
Jennifer   Martin In the Looking Glass
Tina   Maslankowski Symmetry
Mick   McAndrews Laundry Day in Napoli
Robert    Mesrop Wellfleet Boats
Kathy   Michels Amazing Grace
Irina   Miljkovic You Are Mine
Joyce   Miller Market Day is Work and Play
Mary   Miller Boomer
Kim   Minichiello Mayan Gate
Susan Avis Murphy Heading Home Beijing
Stephany J. Myers Monumental
Betsy   Naumchik Koi
Eileen Mueller Neill Knotted
Daryl   Nicholson Home On The Range
Linda   Norton Water Lines
Timothy   O'Connor True North
Catherine P. O'Neill Carving Time
Kathy    Oravecz Saba Sunshine
Lisa   O'Regan Bearing the Weight of his World
William   Perry Prince of New Orleans
Carole   Pickle Winter Series No. 7
Sherrie    Plonski Perfect Women
Milind   Raj Syncopation
Richard   Ressel Winter of my Discontent
Dorrie   Rifkin Long Branch-Dangling Conversation
April   Rimpo His Dugout
Charles   Rouse Hot Tomato
Abby   Rudisill Interior Space
Prafull   Sawant Bridge of Heaven - I
Ron    Schloyer Heed the Caw
George   Schoonover Ida's Birthday
Ping   Shen Late Autumn
Barbara   Sowinski Green Baskets
Beverly   Spitzer Bounce
Nancy   Stark Secure and Hang On
Carol   Staub Celestial No. 3
Gari   Stephenson Day Dream
Jane   Stoddard Sails Down
Rose Marie  Strippoli The Meeting
Shirley Z. Sturtz-Davis Carnival on Kraig's Quilt
Eileen   Sudzina Mountain Retreat
Robert    Talbert Old Gray Coat
Michalyn   Tarantino Ship Welder at Work
Don   Taylor Heaven's Glow
Carmella   Tuliszewski Autumn's Last
Gilmore   Van Stone, Jr. The Alley
Daniel   Vangeli American Dream
Partick   Varriano Rust Never Sleeps II
Linda   Verhagen Ice Flow
Debra   Ward Dragon Mum
Kevin   Weckbach Red Pole
Susan   Weintraub Graywacke Arch
Donna Jill Witty Florentine
Linda   Young Festivity
Cheng   Yuan The Wilderness
Tam Kwan Yuen Up the Hill of Lan Kwai Fong