2013 Juried Show Award Winners

PWS Awards - First Place - "Fishing Boat" by Houxing Chang

PWS Awards - Second Place - "Night Jewels" by Nancy Fortunato

PWS Awards - Third Place - "Up the Hill of Lan Kwai Fong" by Tam Kwan Yuen

PWS Awards - Fourth Place - "Summer Breeze" by Judi Betts

PWS Awards - Keystone Award (PA Residents Only) - "Sun Prisms and Showers" by Jeanne Dobie

PWS President's Award - "Monumental" by Stephany J. Myers

PWS Award Of Merit - "Laundry Day in Napoli" by Mick McAndrews

Juror's Award - "Winter Series No. 7" by Carole J. Pickle

Baltimore Watercolor Society Reciprocal Award - "Afternoon Tea" by George James

Philadelphia Watercolor Society Award for Excellence - "Heading Home Beijing" by Susan Avis Murphy

Creative Expression Award - "The Meeting" by Rose Marie Strippoli

Excellence in Figure Award - "A Sani Woman" by Xiaoxing Hu

West Charlton Frame Co. Award - "Cold Creek Waters" by Patricia Le Helmick

Mildred Sands Kratz Award - "American Dream" by Daniel W. Vangeli

Honorable Mention - "On the Foothills" by Brienne M. Brown

Honorable Mention - "Financial District" by George Clark

Honorable Mention - "North of Whaw" by David Douglass DeArmond

Honorable Mention - "Nepheline Wave" by L.S. Eldridge

Honorable Mention - "Red Suite No. 3" by Michael T. Farrar

Honorable Mention - "Bearing the Weight of his World" by Lisa O'Regan

Honorable Mention - "His Dugout" by April M. Rimpo

Honorable Mention - "Bridge of Heaven I" by Prafull Sawant

Honorable Mention - "Late Autumn" by Ping Shen

Honorable Mention - "Rust Never Sleeps II" by Patrick Varriano

FW Media Merchandise Award - "Interior Space" by Abby H. Rudisill

Cheap Joe's Merchandise Award - "Ninety Two" by Denny Bond

M. Graham Merchandise Award - "Other Wonders" by Elaine Daily-Birnbaum

Winsor and Newton Merchandise Award #1 - "Under Chicago Bridges" by Marilynn Derwenskus

Artpix Studio Merchandise Award - "Long Branch - Dangling Conversation" by Dorrie Rifkin

Susan Hagadon & Creative Catalyst Merchandise Awards - "Standing Room Only" by Laurie Goldstein-Warren

Jack Richeson Merchandise Award - "Graywacke Arch" by Susan Weintraub

Jack Richeson & FW Media Merchandise Awards - "Beyond the Word" by Jan M. Lutz

Armadillo Art & Craft Merchandise Award - "Vogue-ing at the Copa" by Nancy L. Galloway

Blick Merchandise Award - "The Plea" by Arlene Ginsburg

Blick Merchandise Award - "Looking Outside the Bowl" by Sandi Hanlon-Breuer

Blick Merchandise Award - "Prince of New Orleans" by William Perry

Blick Merchandise Award - "Heaven's Glow" by Don Taylor

Blick Merchandise Award - "Florentine" by Donna Jill Witty

Jerry's Artarama Merchandise Award - "Ida's Birthday" by George Schoonover

Jerry's Artarama Merchandise Award - "Sandi's Tribute" by Tracy Budd

Jerry's Artarama Merchandise Award - "Hot Tomato" by Charles H. Rouse

Winsor and Newton Merchandise Award # 2 - "Cyber Community - Black, White, or Gray" by Sally Lambrecht


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