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Baltimore Reciprocal- Dream Fantasy VIII - Ananta Mandal

Creative Exp.-Stroll Down Broadway - Nancy Brown

Figure- Wilmington Station - Mick McAndrews

First-Waiting In The Wings - Diane Schmidt

Fourth-The Accordian Plays On - George James

Honorable Men- Barbarians At The Gate - William Bullas

Honorable Men- Pomegranates And Globe Grapes - Chris Krupinski

Honorable Men-Acadia Lake - Karen Benco

Honorable Men-Alistair- Devorah Friedman

Honorable Men-Brunch - Susannah Thomer

Honorable Men-Fixed Reception - Tony Armendariz

Honorable Men-Liberty Call - Beverly Perdue

Honorable Men-Santo Spirito Steps - Kathleen Durdin

Hororable Men-Da Subway - Dorrie Rifkin

Hororable Men-Is Good News Coming - Gari Stephenson

Juror's-Survivor - Christine Misencik-Bunn

Keystone- Regeneration - George Clark

Kratz Realism-40 North Main - Robert Sussna

Merchandise Award- Descending Pipe Stairway - Ann DeLaurentis

Merchandise Award- Layers Of Hope - Sandi D'Alessandro

Merchandise Award-68B - Patrick Varriano

Merchandise Award-Fashion - Carol Hubbard

Merchandise Award-Hausmans Farm - Philip Siebert

Merchandise Award-In The Red - Jacqueline Clark

Merchandise Award-It Is For You To Find Out - Denise Athanas

Merchandise Award-Mountain Man - Z. Feng

Merchandise Award-Spring Sparkle - Siv Spurgeon

Merchandise Award-Sunlight In The Morning - Kenneth Call

Merchandise Award-The Why Factor - Beverly Spitzer

Merit-A Supporting Role - Nancy Stark

Philadelphia Reciprocal-Red Tide In The Morning - Elaine Daily Birnbaum

President- Overcast - Woon Lam NG

Second- Black And White - Timothy O'Connor

Third- Under The Ponte Vecchio - Jeanne Johnson

W.Charlton Frame- The Garage - David DeArmond

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