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2012 Members Online Art Contest - Awards

Juror statement-

It has been an honor, though difficult decision choosing the exhibit awards for the 2012 PSW Member on line Exhibit. The overall quality and technical expertise of the entries are outstanding; I want to congratulate all who entered for the opportunity to share with us their artistic journey. Ultimately I chose the winners whose paintings showed technical expertise in design and paint ,and created an emotional connection with the viewer. Art speaks from the soul of the artist and these works spoke to me. Jacklyn A Madsen


Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/1.jpg
1st Place - Swaraj Das - City Life

$500.00 Award

The sense of space, the soft muted color, the strong light source all add up to a wonderful interpretation of city life. I love the mysterious mood Das creates in this piece. His technical ability in handling paint using both transparency and solid forms create a convincing place I lingered for many moments.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/2.jpg
2nd Place-Dennis Albetski - Regiment Stonge Camp

$300.00 Award

The strong contrasts of light and dark grabbed me at first look,then the excellent modeling of the figures kept my interest. The brilliant colors accented with the shadowy trees focus your attention to the interaction under the awning. Recording an event with passion and skill.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/3.jpg
3rd Place - Larry Lombardo PWS sgg When I was young it seemed that life was so wonderful

$200.00 Award

This piece shows excellent technical skill and the narrative element added to the impact this piece had on me. Lombardo communicates a memory not an event by his use of the cropped figure in the foreground. He lets the viewer fill in the personal details of their own memories of a time past. I love the contrast of the details on the figure in the foreground and the suggested forms in the background. King Kong is an added bonus!

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/4.jpg
4th Place- Dorrie Rifkin - Bridge

$100.00 Award

Only 6x6 this tiny jem just glows with energy. I love the soft color mingle in contrast to the architectural elements of the bridge. Leaving the pencil marks creating the structure of the bridge adds to the interesting quality of this piece. Rifkin hits a homerun with this one.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/aa.jpg
Achievement Award- Kass Morin Freeman - Making Arrangements

$100.00 Award

The composition of this piece caught my eye first, then the flowers held my interest. Freeman's use of bright colors in the bouquet and the casual patio setting add to the paintings appeal. I love the blue shadows cast on the table and the wonderful layering of the washes creating depth and drama in the flowers.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h1.jpg
Honorable Mention - Barbara Fox-Evening News

$75.00 Award

A quiet scene, a familiar face, what else can I say, this piece says it all. Fox uses a external light source to highlight her subject very effectively in this piece. The suggested details in the fabrics and newspaper and dark background make something so ordinary so extraordinary.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h2.jpg
Honorable Mention - Patricia Herlihy - Raffles Lobby

$75.00 Award

The painting, although an interior, has the illusion of watery reflections on the shiny tiled floor. The balanced composition, the transparency of the washes, depth of space,and especially the warm colors contrasting the cool shadows make me linger in this imagined space.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h3.jpg
Honorable Mention - Jeanne Johnson - Glimpse

$75.00 Award

Johnson uses a up close almost magnified view of colorful foliage emerging from cool dark concrete. I love the contrast of hard and soft. Something overlooked becomes special in this piece.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h4.jpg
Honorable Mention - Ona Kingdon - Meh!

$75.00 Award

Remarkable rendering! The delightful expression on the child's face makes me smile. The detail and delicate values used are wonderful.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h5.jpg
Honorable Mention - Patrick Varriano - Graffiti

$75.00 Award

Varriano's piece comes across almost as an abstraction at first look, but with further examination we see the masonry forms of a city underpass. I love how the graffiti creates a pop of color in the mostly muted colors of the masonry. The strong diagonals create drama and energy to the piece.


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