Our 39th Year
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society

2013 Online Member’s Show
Thank you to all who entered and Congratulations to the winners!!

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Our Juror this year was Richard P. Ressel
Juror’s Statement
Over the past thirty years watercolor has emerged as one of the most exciting areas of painting. New materials, international artists incorporating elements of their own cultures, artists rejecting the traditional rules, and a willingness to push the materials in new and creative directions are some of the reasons for the evolution of the media. During this period the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society has evolved into one of the premiere venues for watercolor and the exhibition of aquamedia paintings. It was an honor to judge this show. Judging an online exhibition is both a pleasure and a challenge. When called to judge the actual pieces, usually there is a limited time to study the works, and a juror has to go with his first decision. Online, a judge gets repeated opportunity to look at and think about the paintings, many times seeing things he missed the first time around. You get to live with the works, but it can make it difficult to decide, especially when you have a limited number of awards and such excellent paintings to pick from. Sincerely speaking, there were at least half a dozen other paintings that I felt deserved recognition. I noted some thoughts on why I selected those that I did, but I truly congratulate all those who took enough pride in their paintings to submit them for exhibition. Well done.
Richard P. Ressel  NWS  
Richard P. Ressel
1010 Fountain Avenue
Lancaster,  PA 17601
Lancaster Catholic High School   1971
Millersville University BA   1975
Alfred University  Graduate Studies   1982
Lancaster Catholic High School Art Department Chairman   1977-present
Signature Member, National Watercolor Society
Signature Member, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society
Signature Member plus Crest Medallion, Philadelphia Water Color Society
Fellow Member, The American Artists Professional League, New York, NY
Echo Valley Art Group, Lancaster, PA
Speaker, teacher, and artist who has exhibited and received recognition for both ceramics and paintings in regional, national, and international exhibitions. Featured in regional and national publications, including: Best of Watercolor Painting Light and Shadow, Best ofWatercolor Painting Texture, The Very Best of Watercolor, Dover Publishers.

2013 Online Member Show Award Winners!

A fine example of Mr. Ressel’s work is this painting entitled: “Good Day for a Book”.  The painting is in the collection of the Hamilton Club of Lancaster, PA

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/1.jpg
1st Place - Evening Break by Patricia Herlihy

$500.00 Award

This is a great piece. The composition, the subject, the execution, the mood it conveys, everything is great about it. There is a solid opaque quality to the painting, but you can clearly see the watercolor technique. I have always been a huge fan of George Bellows and in this painting I see many of the qualities I admire in his work. This piece would work if it was done as a drawing, etching, or oil, and it works extremely well as a watercolor. It also tells a great story; we can all relate to that much needed break. Well done!

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/2.jpg
2nd Place-Morning Light by Yun Charm Leung

$300.00 Award

There is an elegant simplicity to this landscape. Sky, land and water painted with muted colors in a perfect harmony.  The simple shapes of the buildings and the textures of these structures punctuated with doors and windows are in contrast to the reflection of the water and the softness of the sky; and yet they all work together. This is one painting I would love to see in person. This is not a subject that anyone would say is beautiful or interesting in itself. And yet the artist has given this scene both qualities; he did it with excellent use of the media. Not only would I like to see the painting, but it makes me want to see the location. The last point that attracted me to this work was the figure doing laundry at the edge of the water. I love it, portraying a person not as the focus, but as a part of the larger environment. It would be easy to get philosophical about this work.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/3.jpg
3rd Place - Jazzy Red II by Denise Athanas

$200.00 Award

Simply put, I like looking at this painting. It is so visually stimulating. The contrasting colors, the energetic approach to the painting process, the dynamic quality of the composition, and then that red, all make this a great piece. I also liked that fact that there is an emotional quality to the painting. At times I see excitement and celebration, but depending on my day, I can also see an anger and rage. I like that this work engaged me emotionally and I have a feeling that other viewers may experience the same.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/4.jpg
4th Place- Ball Jar Collection by Michael Brothers

$100.00 Award

What a lesson in this work. The most common subject and the minimal use of color can result in a very interesting and beautiful painting. Every time I looked at this I saw something new. The shapes, the textures, the slight variations of color all combine perfectly with the clearly visible jar to form a very beautiful and visually interesting piece

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/aa.jpg
Achievement Award- Isolated by Denny Bond

$100.00 Award

There is a spontaneous posed quality to this flawlessly painted watercolor and at the same time it looks like a carefully planned and thought out composition. That sounds like a contradiction, but that is what gives this painting a great deal of visual and intellectual interest.

 The carefully rendered figure on one side is opposed to the amorphous shadow on the other. A line moves the eye down the wall to the hand and then on to the high contrast, varied circular shapes on the material that capture my eye. It is this attention to detail that holds my attention and leads me to think about the model.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h1.jpg
Honorable Mention - OK Duomo by Siv Spurgeon

$75.00 Award

This is one piece that I kept coming back to, seeing more with each visit. The use of a precisionist architectural rendering to create a design for watercolor has been done by a number of watercolorists including Charles Demuth. I like this piece because it goes beyond the simple recording of a structure. The elements become a very interesting patchwork that captivates the viewer. I found myself analyzing the asymmetrical treatment of the symmetrical elements of the painting and the placement of color. I like the use of the power lines to move the eye across the composition. It is clear that this was well thought out. The use of color and the careful washes make this a beautiful painting.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h2.jpg
Honorable Mention - Blue by Ron Schloyer

$75.00 Award

The title is a great description for this piece. I can't help think of Gainsborough's painting, "The Blue Boy," but in this watercolor the subject is not only dressed in blue, he is obviously feeling blue. Well done. The well-executed, simple, and direct washes of color work very well in conveying the mood of this painting.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h3.jpg
Honorable Mention - End of the Line II by Patrick Varriano

$75.00 Award

I find the composition of this painting intriguing. All the forms seem to lean to the right except for a thin white line and a railing in the distance that seems to support the entire weight of the train car. It adds a nice tension to the tightly controlled realism that documents this relic..

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h4.jpg
Honorable Mention - New Orleans House by Alix Travis

$75.00 Award

The fast quick sketch approach of this painting captures the feeling and essence of this building better than a photograph because it also conveys the "fun" New Orleans. There is an impromptu, jazz quality to this painting.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h5.jpg
Honorable Mention - Downtown Salt Lake by Brienne Brown

$75.00 Award

There is a fast, spontaneous quality that seems better suited for painting abstraction, but in this painting it is used in a controlled manner to convey a representational place. That is wonderful. You can almost see the artist at work in every stroke and mark on the paper. This expressionistic approach is only made better by the color pallet. The end result is a real feel for the location looking through the artist's eyes.

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