Our 39th Year
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society

2014 Online Member’s Show
Thank you to all who entered and Congratulations to the winners!!

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Our Juror this year was Glenn E. Blue
Juror’s Statement

I was honored to be the juror of awards for this Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s online membership exhibition.  My parents were professional artists and art school teachers, so I grew up with art exposure, instruction, critique and its passion as well as the eye for sincere talent.  I still struggle to always evolve within my art.  I hope my style of honest expression does not offend anyone.  I find it refreshing and helpful when art is discussed honestly, without too much fluff and over interpretation.

I smiled as I enjoyed viewing the nearly 230 watercolor images.  However, I must address a glaring problem with approximately 1/3 of the submissions. Many of the submitted images were too small, of low resolution or out of focus.  This unfortunately made it impossible to consider those paintings. I need to have the ability to zoom in enough to understand the technique the painter was using, especially since this is a unique show without the benefit of seeing the actual painting.

Professional artists already know, judging is frankly about personal preference.  Winning paintings do not mean they are better than the ones not chosen. The judge simply used his/her own bias on criteria.  When I looked at these images, I quickly went through them only looking at the image, stopping and noting the ones that jumped out to me…in a positive way, much like a publisher looks for a great book in the first sentence.  I like paintings that immediately grab and hold my attention.  They can be pretty or bold, glowing or unique.  I did not look at names when making my first two passes through all images.  After this I had a list of 28 images.  I then looked at expertise in handling the medium as well as the composition and design.  Lastly I asked myself,  “Would I want this on my wall…would I buy it?”  Many artists paint for shows and paint to win awards.  But to be a successful artist, people should want to own your paintings.  It can’t be just about winning awards!

The paintings I chose had impact, design, expertise and I would love to own them all.  I was truly stuck on about 20 paintings and found it very difficult to separate them.  No painting was that much better than the other.  I had to pick and it was hard to justify only 10.

Paintings like “Anoles” would look great in my guests room.  “Autumn Jewels” glowed.  ”Blue’s Festival”, was expertly done.  “Burning Bridge” stared into your soul.  “Born on a Bayou” had terrific brush strokes.  “Fit to be Tied” was precisely done.  “Grandpa’s Studio” is heart warming.  “Home Stretch” is exciting. “Midday Dairy Farm” was another for my home.  “Nepo “(Great title) made you stare into it.  “One Motley Crew of Strippers” caused me to smile and recall people I knew.  “Par les Champs et par les Greves” was a place I would love to see.  “Pilgrimage” has very nice contrasting colors.  As well as so many other paintings (even with the image issues), all were contenders.

About the juror, Glenn E. Blue

Glenn E. Blue grew up in a family of artists in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  His parents were art teachers for numerous school districts and adult classes, so he learned art at a very early age.  By his teenage years Glenn was selling paintings professionally.  Over the following thirty plus years, Glenn has trained in fine arts and shown in countless local, regional, and international shows.  Glenn has traveled to numerous places in Europe painting and collecting art.  He has taken classes from Joseph Zbukvic, Alvaro Castagnet, Nita Engle, David Taylor, Gregg Allen, Tony Couch and others.

Glenn has painted loose glowing representational watercolors on his many plein air painting trips.  He has painted in Venice, Sienna, Pienza, Tuscany, Rome, Florence, Bellagio, Cinque Terra, Portofino, Naples, Salzburg and Innsbruck Austria, Prague in the Czech Republic and many places throughout the United States.

His works have been shown in several galleries and he has been the subject of many newspaper articles.  Glenn currently has paintings on display in his own gallery space at the Marketview Arts Center, York PA and in the Chadds Ford Gallery, in Chadds Ford PA.

Glenn is the judge for the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s 2014 online membership exhibition.  He will be teaching a watercolor workshop in July for the York Art Association.

Glenn captures the artistic impression and atmosphere of his subjects.  His paintings are representative without being photographic.  He showcases the flow and glow of watercolor.

Winter's Magic, Tucquan Glen

A fine example of Mr. Blue’s work is this painting entitled: “Winter’s Magic, Tucquan Glen”

2014 Online Member Show Award Winners!

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/1.jpg
First Place: “Ford Man” by Z.L. Feng

$500.00 Award

This painting had the “Wow!” factor on first sight.  The dramatic use of value changes and color give the image its pop.  Yet the expertise in the simplistic appearance to the brushwork can only be achieved by someone who has labored in the medium for a long time, and one who has clearly mastered watercolor.  The loose but controlled flow of the pigment combined with the striking value changes of color through the image, kept the entire piece captivating from edge to edge.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/2.jpg
Second Place: “Spring Splash” by Barbara March

$300.00 Award

I am a hard sell on abstract work because too many people can hide their lack of training and skill in a painting that often cannot be critiqued because of the simple fact it is “abstract”.  However, I love this piece because it is so well planned and executed.  The floral composition takes the viewer’s eyes on a journey around the subject, surprising you at every glance with wonderful color and shape.  The stamped patterns in complementary colors  are woven into the piece with swatches of flowing paint that are a fresh one and go approach.  It would be easy to over work something like this and lose the watercolor flow, but this artist pulled it off perfectly.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/3.jpg
Third Place: “Autumn Privet” by Jeanne Johnson

$200.00 Award

This glowing watercolor gives the viewer the feeling of the warm sun breathing life into nature. This is the kind of painting that can re-energize your mood on an otherwise gloomy day.  As we know, values describe the form.  A circle becomes a sphere when you add value changes.  The artist’s use of color and values really describes the form and light in this masterful painting.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/4.jpg
Fourth Place:  “Legacy” by Charles Rouse

$100.00 Award

Again this is a painting with punch.  Its dark darks and light lights give the branches and foliage depth and mystery. The mixing and mingling of colors and values gives the viewer the impression they are seeing wonderful details. Yet it is the lack of details that renders this excellent painting.   

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/aa.jpg
Achievement Award: “Midday Light” by Swaraj Das

$100.00 Award

This too is a painting that calls your attention upon first glance.  The self-assured use of the paint brush to “indicate” instead of “state” the subject before the artist, is not as easy as it would appear. This takes years of training and practice..  The diminution of scale and value that suggests recession to the background comes to life moving into the foreground with vibrant simple yet suggestive stokes.  Look at one area of the painting and you cannot say precisely what is going on. But look at the entire painting and it all tells a story.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h1.jpg
Honorable Mention:  “Disappearing into Thin Air” by Denny Bond

$75.00 Award

The artist hit a Grand Slam on this one, linking various aspects of a good painting.  He expertly painted well defined subjects, with an innovative theme, capturing the viewer, and completing the painting with a fantastic title.  The discipline the artist has to design and complete this scene with accurate proportion and perspective in watercolor is tremendous.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h2.jpg
Honorable Mention: “Flat Iron” by Brienne Brown

$75.00 Award

This painting displays the essence of watercolor. Light flowing washes with bold confident brush strokes.  It is a very pleasing scene that showcases the artist’s expertise in brushwork and composition.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h3.jpg
Honorable Mention : “Free Spirits” by Jacqueline Clark

$75.00 Award

A mesmerizing colorful piece that demonstrates the artist’s talent to conceive a vision that cannot be copied from life or a photo, it can only be created by her mind.  Very original and pleasing.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h4.jpg
Honorable Mention: “Here and There” by Sarah Yeoman

$75.00 Award

An exceedingly potent painting where color does not need to play a role in this image.  It is a display of composition, design and knowledgeable use of the brush, water and pigment. 

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h5.jpg
Honorable Mention : “One Half of the Half Percent” by George Schoonover

$75.00 Award

I could fill a page discussing the artistic display of this piece.  The artist clearly demonstrates his ability to draw.  There is no tracing or copying here, and it may be worthy of more recognition, but I followed a baseline for my selections that begins with an opening punch.  Although this piece may not have grabbed my attention right off the bat, it is full of expert artistry that cannot be denied.  The gestures, expressions and colors within the figures are skillfully revealed

In conclusion,

I truly wish I could have selected many more awards.  There were paintings not mentioned that are marvelous,…and a few that could benefit from professional and private critique.  Watercolor is a medium that is so versatile that you can never stop learning, for you cannot learn it all!  Thank you and the best to you all.

Glenn E. Blue

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