Our 39th Year
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society


Pennsylvania Watercolor Society

Workshop with Laurie Goldstein Warren

May 22, 23, 24, 2017

“Cityscapes that Sparkle”

Five colors:  Antwerp Blue, Quin Gold, Quin Rose, Cobalt Blue and Lamp Black.

So much fun!

Prior to the first day of the workshop, Laurie sent everyone a drawing to transfer onto a sheet of watercolor paper to have it ready to begin on day one.  This was the most challenging part because there were so many details and tiny lines and designs I questioned if I’d ever figure out what to do with it; and it seemed as though others thought the same thing.  Not to worry; she said.

Talking with Laurie, she assured me everything else would be a lot of fun once we started painting because almost half the painting is completed in the first washes.  So, we could only look forward to the days ahead and this becoming true.

Day one we were instructed to mask out everything as she had just done on the demo painting.  After that dried, we followed her lead painting in a wet into wet mix allowing the differently colored vertical stripes to intermingle on the paper painting directly over the masked out area.  This process was done only with Quin Gold, Quin Rose and Antwerp Blue.  The fun really was beginning to happen now.

After we were sure the colors were the right value and the three colors were totally dried, an atomizer of black paint was misted along the lines of color to add texture; later adding black to the shadows and silhouettes.

After all was dry, the mask was removed and painting began on the reflections of lights in the beautiful cityscape of a wet New York Street Scene.

An enjoyable lunch was brought in every day by the Weis Market and all commented on how well everything had been planned out to create a smooth flowing workshop environment.  I heard many good comments about the food and how nice it was to have it brought in.  Many people told me they’ve never been to a workshop that included food in the price of the workshop.  PWS Does!

Comments by some attendees said this workshop was the best they’d been to and all really liked Laurie’s style of teaching and the individual attention she gave to each person, answering questions and giving recommendations and critique from those wanting that from her.

Thirteen Students wanted to eat dinner with Laurie on Thursday after class; we met at 4:00pm and ate at Smoked Bar and Grill in Hershey.  All had a delicious meal.    It was a fun evening with lots of laughter and good conversation. 

Finishing the painting on the third and final day of this workshop:  With a very soft, flat 1-1/2” brush she showed us the “scary part” taking a clean wet very soft brush and wetting in a haphazard pattern around and across the not-yet- finished piece to unify and bring the painting together.  It was amazing to see how it all came together. The last day of the workshop, many finished their paintings and were critiqued. We really liked the process of how to create a cityscape and many said they would do it again because the information was so useful.  Laurie held a drawing for a free matted print and Dena Shepherd’s name was drawn to win the prize. 

Laurie also asked for us to bring in work that had already been done but maybe had problems or needed some guidance to make a better painting.  She suggested ways to find the best possible composition to create a successful painting.

While in class this last day, she asked students to email her a few photos and she would demonstrate using “Adobe Elements” how to posterize the photos and to possibly do a painting using that mapping technique.  As she went through and reviewed every photo that was submitted, she made recommendations and established examples of how to create a posterized painting.  By example, she’d show us what to leave in and what to take out, making cropping recommendations.  Everyone thought this was a very valuable source of information.

I and others would give Laurie a five star rating and would recommend her highly to anyone wanting to push their creativity in new, exciting, challenging and interesting ways.

Linda Young, PWS workshop coordinator

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