Our 39th Year
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society

2017 Online Member’s Show
Thank you to all who entered and Congratulations to the winners!!

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If you are interested in purchasing a painting displayed in the Members’ Online Show, Call Karen Frattali   at 610-347-0192 or email her at pws1vp@gmail.com  Karen will contact the artist who will be given the prospective buyer’s contact information.  It will be up to the individual artist to pursue and finalize the prospective sale.  PWS will charge no commission if a sale is made.  If a sale is made, PWS must be notified so the painting can be marked as sold on the website.

Our Juror this year was Z.L. Feng
Juror’s Statement
I was pleased to be selected as an award juror for the Pennsylvania Watercolor 2017 Members Online Show.  I had such a difficult time selecting from the submissions, both because of the number and quality of the works. There was such a range of styles, approaches, and techniques. This diversity was more evidence of the strength of the show, and many of the pieces deserve more recognition than I can give.  

The final selections were works that left a lasting impression. Quite simply, they forced me to take a second or third look. Because of the high caliber of the show, it was often that I needed to look closer. I am pleased to have spent the time reviewing the selections and hope the awarded works also compel you to look again.

About the juror, Z.L. Feng

Growing up in Shanghai, Feng began painting at age seven and never stopped, experimenting with different mediums, including pastel, oil, and egg tempera, before choosing his favorite, watercolor. “With watercolor you cannot cover your mistakes, so you must know what you are doing,” he says. He finds inspiration for his lovely landscapes in the countryside of the New River Valley: “Usually I go around­­ - to the river, the forest, the lake – to try and find interesting compositions.” Those familiar with Feng’s art are also captivated by his portraits of the people of Tibet, Native Americans of New Mexico, Southern farmers, and others. “Capturing the personality and character is very important, and painting eyes is the most difficult aspect of portraiture,” he says. “I concentrate on serious portraits expressing my subject’s character, their life struggle and their vision. I am still learning and experimenting. My goal is to develop empathy between the viewer and my subject.€

Before coming to the U.S. in 1986, Feng received his BFA degree from Shanghai Teacher’s University and taught in its art department for four years. He completed the MFA degree at Radford University in 1989 where he is currently a Professor of Art. In his homeland of China, Feng exhibited his portraits, landscapes, and illustrations in juried exhibitions. Since coming to the U.S., his work has received acclaim throughout the country, garnering more than 300 state, regional, national, and international awards with many Best in Show€ awards and Gold Medal honors in major U.S. watercolor competitions.

Feng is an artist-signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, and the Pastel Society of America (as master pastelist). His work has been featured in The Artist’s Magazine, American Artist, Watercolor 90, Watercolor Highlight, Omni Magazine, Watercolor Magic, and the Chinese National Magazine, China-Watercolor. Additionally, his paintings have been featured in five art books published and distributed worldwide. His work was shown in a broadcast that was aired on the local PBS affiliate station in Harrisonburg, VA. Feng’s biography has been listed in the Biographical Encyclopedia of American Painters, Sculptors & Engravers of the U.S., Who’s Who in American Art, and American Art Directory.

Feng’s artwork can be found in numerous private and corporate collections, including Walt Disney, the U.S. Gulfstream Aerospace Center, and Orlando International Airport as well as the permanent collections of the Springfield Art Museum in Springfield, Missouri, and the Radford University Art Museum. His work is also in private and corporate collections in Singapore and China.


Congratulations to the 2017 Member Show Award Winners!

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/1.jpg
First Place: "River Scene” by Patricia Herlihy NFS


$500.00 Award

     ~ The work was refreshing, as though I was really by the side of the river. The artist captured the figures well and I was struck by the overall artistic effect.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/2.jpg
Second Place: "NYC Cabulous” by Laurie Goldstein Warren NFS


$300.00 Award

    ~  Great handling of color and balance, which overall contributed to a great view of the essence of New York City, that of a busy and bumbling city full of beauty in even normal everyday moments. 

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/3.jpg
Third Place: "Waterside” by Cheryl Schlenker 29x19 $500


$200.00 Award

~ I was struck by the artist's brushstrokes. The loose technique and color combination made this piece resonate for me.

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/4.jpg
Fourth Place:  "Road Warriors” by Charles Rouse 24x33 $6000


$100.00 Award

    ~  The figures were the most prominent part of the work, and they were done very well in relation to the cityscape. The lighting and contrast were also convincing in the piece. 

Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h1.jpg
Honorable Mention:  “Easy Pickin” by Eric Miller  10x7 NFS


$75.00 Award


Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h2.jpg
Honorable Mention: “Yard Repair” by Frank Webb 15x22 $600


$75.00 Award


Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h3.jpg
Honorable Mention : “Broken Silence” by Sidra Kaluszka NFS


$75.00 Award


Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h4.jpg
Honorable Mention: “Paul's Porch” by Catherine O'Neill NFS


$75.00 Award


Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h5.jpg
Honorable Mention : “Reluctant Goddess” by Pam Wenger 14x19 $600


$75.00 Award


Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h5.jpg

Honorable Mention : “Rick and Ade” by William Perry 29x36 $1500


$75.00 Award


Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h5.jpg

Honorable Mention : “Intrinsic Factor” by Jorge Leon 19x25 $1500


$75.00 Award


Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h5.jpg

Honorable Mention : “Oasis” by Angela Reed Breese 26x20 $450

$75.00 Award


Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h5.jpg

Honorable Mention : “Ascension #2” by Gloria Baker NFS

$75.00 Award


Description: http://pawcs.com/gallery/awards/h5.jpg

Honorable Mention : “Bill's Budgies” by Dick Ressel  NFS

$75.00 Award


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