Our 38th Year
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society

Workshops are held at: Hummelstown Fire Department
249 East Main Street, Hummelstown, PA 17036
If you have any questions, contact workshop coordinator Linda Young at 717-249-8325 or email pwswrkshops@gmail.com
NYC Reflections Goldstein-Warren
Goldstein-Warren Laurie
The City That Never Sleeps

Spring 2017 Workshop

Laurie Goldstein Warren  “Cityscapes That Sparkle”  - May 22-24, 2017  (3 day workshop)  

Cost: $210 PWS members, $245 for non member

You can hold your seat with a $50 deposit with the full amount being due by April 18 or pay in full today. Cancellations after April 18 will forfeit the deposit.

Lunch and Snacks are included in your workshop fee

CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT in the Laurie Goldstein Warren Workshop

Have you ever seen a gorgeous night city scene in an exhibition or exhibition catalog and wondered “How did they do that?”  Well then, this workshop is for you!  You will gain the skill of rendering a beautiful night scene with shine and sparkle.  Never drawn a city scene or cars before?  Never fear, I will provide a ½ sheet sketch ready to transfer onto your watercolor paper if you’d like to work along with me or, if you prefer, you can bring your own city night scene sketched and ready to go.  Value is the key to night scenes.  We will be working in a limited 5 color palette, so you will not have to purchase a bunch of new colors.  My method greatly simplifies a night scene, 60% of the painting will be done in the first wash, trust me on that one!  Come join me and add some new techniques to your art skill set. 


Materials List

Each student will need to bring the following materials:

Watercolors           Quinacridone Gold - Daniel Smith or similar gold

                          Quinacridone Rose – Daniel Smith or similar rose

                              Cobalt Blue - Winsor & Newton or Daniel Smith

                              Antwerp Blue – Winsor & Newton

                              Lamp Black – Winsor & Newton

Adjustable nozzle Spray Bottle - Make sure you can adjust spray to get big drops as well as a fine mist.

Butcher Tray Palette (I use an 11” X 15”) We will be using BIG brushes.

Water Bucket

Hair dryer

Backing Board/Gator Board (large enough for a 1/2 sheet) We will be                              painting 1/2 sheets 22” X 15”.

Tape rolls or something to raise your board at least 2”.

Mouth Atomizer    This will be used to tone areas and add texture to our street.  Also bring a cup to mix watercolor for atomizing.  An old kitchen measuring cup will do.

Brushes:                    2”or 3” Hake Brush, #12 Round, 1 ½” Flat Brush, #8 Round with good point tip, a stiff bristle ¼” or ½” flat brush, Old toothbrush, Masking Brush

Masking Fluid          (I use Pebeo drawing gum) It can be dried with a hair dryer and lifts easily from your paper.

1” Masking tape

Towels and Kleenex tissue

Watercolor Paper  (I always use Fabriano Artistico bright white 140 lb.)  It has the greatest “lifting” capability than any other paper I’ve tried.  If you don’t have it, bring a good quality 140 lb. watercolor paper. Bring 2-3 sheets.

Pencils                     (HB or #2 hardness)

A good soft eraser

Transfer paper        (wax-free) Can be found at A.C. Moore or through most art supply outlets on the internet.  This can be shared between students/each sheet can be used several times. I get mine from Dick Blick – Sally’s wax free Graphite Paper

For this workshop, I will be furnishing ½ sheet sketches for those who are not comfortable drawing city scenes.  If you prefer, you can prepare a cityscape of your choosing.  We will be painting a night scene.

Bring any photos you may want to work on in the future if you would like to discuss composition ideas for that painting.  The last day of class, bring in a painting you’ve worked on to discuss how this approach might improve it or just if you would like to receive some input on your work.


7_Forest Jewels
2_Joyful Day Water Over Mountain
6_Tidal Pathway

Fall 2017 Workshop

Marjorie Glick “ Dynamic Color” – September 11 – 15, 2017  (5 day workshop) 

Cost: $350 PWS members, $405 for non member

You can hold your seat with a $50 deposit with the full amount being due by August 5 or pay in full today. Cancellations after August 5 will forfeit the deposit.

Lunch and Snacks are included in your workshop fee

CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT in the Marjorie Glick Workshop

This is a great workshop for those who love color and/or want to learn how to use it to make your paintings more expressive. 

Stretch your perception of how you see, think about,and interpret color.

Learn to create vibrant and glowing color in your watercolors by using flowing passages of wet into wet paint and combining that with overlapping transparent layers of color. Marjorie will show you her process for interpreting native colors into glowing color.

 Students will work on any subject of their choosing and will re-imagine it through a study of color juxtapositions, layering, light, and shadow. 

Work at your own pace, on several paintings during the week, or one larger watercolor and its accompanying sketches.

Mornings will have a demonstration and slide show or talk, followed by students working on their own works for the rest of each day.

Lots of Individual guidance (and encouragement) will be given throughout the day. Critiques will happen as needed (most likely twice during the week)and are relaxed and informative - 

 My teaching style is relaxed, comprehensive, and eclectic with an emphasis on color and how to use it in an expressive way. 

I will assist you in developing further your own voice as an artist.


Materials List

If you already own watercolor supplies, there is no need to go out and buy these but if you need paint, the materials below are what I recommend.

Regarding paints: If you are on a tight budget you need only purchase the paints with a *.Having all these colors is nice but not necessary.

Paints: Artist grade Winsor Newton Watercolors:

Cadmium Yellow Deep

Cadmium Yellow *

Bismuth Yellow

Scarlet Lake*

Permanent Rose*

Winsor Blue (green shade)*

Winsor Green (blue shade)*

Hookers Green dark

Cobalt Blue

French Ultramarine Blue*

Dioxazine Violet


Indathrone blue

Brushes: Bring what you have. I recommend : #8 and #18 nylon watercolor

brush with point.

Not necessary to buy but I use davinci kolinsky sable brushes “maesto series 11 sizes #4 and # 8

I also use Isabey squirrel mop brushes with a point. size 00, and #4 and #8

Paper: 1- 2sheets of Arches watercolor paper in 140 lb and 1 sheet of 300lb cold press, 22"x30"

Palette: White china plate or large rectangular palette, John Pike or equivalent

I suggest putting paint on your palette at least 1 week ahead and letting it air dry.

Other: absorbent paper towels, sketchbook, #4h pencil, mars white plastic eraser,

2 water containers. Photo of your choosing for first class to use as a reference to paint from

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