To send member news for inclusion in the PWS Newsletter email your info to: (Deb Kreiger, editor)

Newsletter Deadlines:

  • January 1, for winter newsletter
  • April 1, for spring newsletter
  • July 1, for Summer newsletter
  • October1,  for Fall  newsletter
Newsletter Guidelines:

Our newsletter is primarily for the benefit of our members. Information should be current (within the last six months) and as brief as possible (75 -100 words).

What we can use in member news:

  • Articles where you and your work are mentioned
  • Publications about you or your work
  • Special exhibitions; e.g. a show at the White House
  • Publications you authored
  • Winning a major award
  • Being accepted into a major exhibition
What we cannot use: No workshops, unless there is a special benefit to our members, such as a 10% discount to PWS members. (To advertise a workshop, please check out our advertising rates)

Advertising Rates: We will accept commercial advertising for our newsletters.

Sizes -

  • business card: Non-members $25, members $15
  • Quarter page (3.5 x 4.75) Non-members $50, members $35
  • Send information and check, payable to PWS to Newsletter Editor Deb Kreiger. 

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