To send member news for inclusion in the PWS Newsletter email your info to: (Kathy Crocker, editor)

Newsletter Deadlines:

  • January 1, for winter newsletter
  • April 1, for spring newsletter
  • July 1, for Summer newsletter
  • October1,  for Fall  newsletter
Newsletter Guidelines:

Our newsletter is primarily for the benefit of our members. Information should be current (within the last six months) and as brief as possible (75 -100 words).

What we can use in member news:

  • Articles where you and your work are mentioned
  • Publications about you or your work
  • Special exhibitions; e.g. a show at the White House
  • Publications you authored
  • Winning a major award
  • Being accepted into a major exhibition
What we cannot use: No workshops, unless there is a special benefit to our members, such as a 10% discount to PWS members. (To advertise a workshop, please check out our advertising rates)

Advertising Rates: We will accept commercial advertising for our newsletters.

Sizes -

  • business card: Non-members $25, members $15
  • Quarter page (3.5 x 4.75) Non-members $50, members $35
  • Send inquiries and information to the Newsletter editor, Kathy Crocker, at the email address shown on the contact page.  The Editor will discuss the details and where to send your check.  

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